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Most households are
unable to buy essentials
UNICEF: Families are taking desperate measures to cope
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The living conditions of families have worsened from last year as the crisis keeps escalating for the fourth consecutive year, according to a report on a rapid assessment carried out by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

“Families are barely able to meet their most basic needs, are cutting down ever more on essential expenses and, in too many cases, are even sending their children out to work to help make ends meet,” UNICEF said in its report ‘Future on hold-Lebanon’s worsening crisis is breaking children's spirits’.

The percentage of those who do not have enough money to buy essentials has increased to 86 percent from 76 percent a year ago. More than a third percent of households are forced to sell family possessions in order to survive. “More than one in ten families is now forced to send children out to work as a way of coping,” the report said. This percentage is 28 percent in the case of Syrian refugee families. One third of households said at least one of their children went to bed hungry. The percentage of households who have reduced spending on health treatment has increased to 75 percent.

“With 700,000 children out of school, education should be a priority area for government action, to ensure the most vulnerable children have access to inclusive and quality education. This will require predictable multi-year investment from the government, coupled with reforms and national policies to improve the efficiency, equity and effectiveness of spending on the education sector,” UNICEF said.

According to the report, as tax revenues begin to rise again, the country will be able to fund a package of social assistance programs that could be rolled out gradually over five years.

“Increasing investment in education, health and social protection will help mitigate the impact of the crisis, ensure the well-being and survival of future generations and contribute to economic recovery,” said Edouard Beigbeder, UNICEF Representative in Lebanon.
Date Posted: Jul 21, 2023
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